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Unfortunately, “UK” and “Manufacturing” appear together in a sentence far too infrequently in these modern times.

You will be pleased to know that all SleepShaper beds and mattresses are manufactured in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

All materials are sourced from UK companies, rather than using a foreign supply chain.

This adds cost, but it means that we keep complete control over our quality, and also means that the revenues we generate, stay here in the UK.

We have invested heavily in equipment over the years to ensure we are able to deliver the perfect product.

Crucially however, all products are assembled by hand, giving an unrivalled attention to detail. Plus, it means we can keep people employed and do our bit for the UK economy. Finally, all waste is fully recycled using our dedicated recycling centre, featuring the latest in machinery.

You will see all our foam offcuts in foam carpet underlay, and plastic waste turned into polyester fibre – frequently seen in our scatter cushions.

Not a scrap goes to waste! All of our memory foams are open celled, allowing free movement of air, and are “filler free” with no additives.

Foam is given a density rating, which serves as a measure of quality – the higher the density, the greater support, comfort, and longevity that foam will provide.

All memory foams in SleepShaper products are a minimum of 60kg density.

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